The Self-Awareness Guy

Self-Awareness Leads to Emotional Intelligence

When you have a high level of self-awareness you naturally build up your emotional intelligence because you're able to:

  • Feel your full range of emotions.
  • Think of emotions as a natural part of life.
  • Be in touch with the four basic emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, and fear.
  • Be comfortable when other people show their emotions.
  • Value and appreciate being touchy-feely.
  • Heal your own emotional wounds.
  • Be conscious of your emotions instead of letting them rule you unconsciously.
  • Use your emotions to move toward positive results.
  • Use your emotions to build a better world.

A huge part of self-awareness is being so comfortable with your emotions that you do positive things for yourself and others. So many problems occur because people don't have any emotional intelligence, imagine what the world would be like if people knew what to do with their sadness, anger, and fear. Self-awareness leads to emotional intelligence because once you know yourself well, you naturally are comfortable with the amazing range of emotions that are part of you.