The Self-Awareness Guy

The Vibes You Create

Like anyone who is working on building his or her self-awareness, my patience and interpersonal skills are often tested. I recently went through a really challenging experience where a series of negative things happened over a period of several days. At the end of the ordeal I was left with a stark choice:

  1. Fight.
  2. Move on and live kindly and peacefully.

Regrettably, I initially chose number and it took an awful toll on me. I felt like I was creating all kinds of negative energy; making not only myself but others unhappy. I struggled with my feelings about the situation and finally discovered what was bothering me so much: I was creating negative vibes instead of living my life how I really want to, with self-awareness, kindness, and grace.

As a thinking, feeling person, I had the ability to behave any way I wanted and I chose a less than wonderful course of action. When I realized that I was acting in a way that wasn't leading down a positive path, I consciously moved in a more positive direction. This deliberate decision not only made my life easier but also created a better world because there was one less person creating negative energy, me.

I love providing coaching and workshops for people who value self-awareness because they try to understand how their thoughts and actions actions affect other people and the world in general. What are your tips for creating positive vibes?