The Self-Awareness Guy

Some People Will Never Appreciate What You Do

A major element of self-awareness is understanding that it doesn't matter what others think about you. There are people who will never appreciate what you do, regardless of how great you are or how much you try to explain it to them.

Some people will write you off because you don't follow their rules or guidelines or don't conform to their insatiable need to have everyone be like them. Other critics will come from a profound lack of creativity where they have denied their own muse and are out to make sure nobody produces anything beautiful. You may also encounter naysayers who won't pay any attention to your work because they have some kind of power trip going on where they have to put you down to make themselves feel more powerful.

There will be plenty of people who don't get what you do, and that's OK. As a person who is building self-awareness, your task is to find those who understand and value who you are. They're out there at this very moment, waiting to connect with you. These are the people for whom your life's work will resonate and be meaningful, the ones who will support you because you make sense to them.

What do you do to move past the people who don't appreciate what you do?