The Self-Awareness Guy

You Decide How to Live Your Life

If you possess self-awareness, you decide how to live your life, not anyone else. I wish I had known this a long time ago.

For too many years, I followed everyone else's lead instead of my own. I would let other people tell me what I should do with my life, what kind of relationships I should have, and how I should think and behave. It made me feel horrible about myself, to the point where I was self-destructing.

People are amazingly adept at telling you, in both overt and more subtle ways, that you shouldn't be yourself. They make suggestions and demands that keep you from being the authentic you. The key to living a great life is to increase your self-awareness so you can do your own thing and make your own choices. Move forward courageously, and positively, based on what your inner voice is telling you. Do what you love doing.

I'm so glad I figured out that I could follow my own path. What suggestions do you have for living your own life?