The Self-Awareness Guy

A List of Insecurities

Individuals who possess self-awareness understand that the one thing that creates more strife between human beings at every level is insecurity. People's lack of a feeling of security leads to all kinds of undesirable outcomes including toxic relationships and even war between groups and nations. Here is a list of insecurities:

  • Feeling like you're less important than someone else.
  • Having to win all the time or being unable to lose.
  • Getting mad at people because you project your hurts onto them.
  • Having to brag all the time.
  • Trying to be on top of people, in a position of superiority.
  • Putting others down.
  • Pitting yourself against other people and groups.
  • Making enemies instead of friends.
  • Finding reasons to be hurt by others no matter how nice they are.
  • Lashing out at others and claiming you're the victim.
  • Acting out of fear and anger instead of courage and love.
  • Lacking empathy because you think other people will take something away from you.
  • Not being able to trust others.
  • Seeing the world as a dangerous, unsafe place full of people who want to hurt you.

The key thing to understand about insecurity is that it has nothing to do with the outside world and everything to do with how unsafe you feel inside. The way to move past feelings of insecurity is to heal your inner wounds and learn how to emphasize your positive feelings, thoughts, and behaviors so you can move in a more healthy, secure direction. After all, the only person who can make you feel safe is you. What would you add to this list?