The Self-Awareness Guy

Your Voice Matters

Your voice matters because no one else in the world thinks exactly the same way as you do. An important part of self-awareness is the ability to understand who you are deep inside and share the real you with the world in a positive way. Your point of view is valuable and your insights can enrich other people's lives.

A lot of people are scared to use their real voices because they think they'll be judged or not fit in with their social groups. In my experience, showing the world who you really are deep inside is part of being a fully developed, sensitive, compassionate, courageous human being. It means you've reached a point where you're so comfortable with yourself that you're able to be vulnerable and share your authentic thoughts and feelings.

You have the potential to use your voice to positively impact the world around you rather than falling into the trap of using it to perpetuate negativity and misery. The more self-awareness you possess, the more likely you'll be to use your voice to help others, and the happier you'll be. How do you make your voice matter?