The Self-Awareness Guy

How to Find Your Purpose and Passion in Life

Here are some ideas on how to find your purpose and passion in life:

  • Decide that you're going to think for yourself and make your own decisions about what you do in life.
  • Get professional help to heal your inner hurts so you can focus on the wonderful things about you.
  • Start the process of discovering who you are by looking deep inside. Ask yourself, "If I could do anything I wanted to in life, with no restrictions and without worrying about finances or what people and society tell me I should do, what would it be?" Be completely honest with yourself, be courageous. Don't consider anything but what you truly want to do in life, what really speaks to you at your core or in your heart. Make sure that your answer is something having to do with your path in life, avoid things that force you to give up your power to someone or something else or that you do out of some sense of external duty or obligation. This is solely about you and what you genuinely want to do.
  • Write down the idea you come up with, this is your purpose and passion.
  • Take one small action to make your idea a reality.
  • Continue taking small actions until you have achieved your dream.

A big part of self-awareness is understanding that all that matters in life is being yourself, the real you, the person who lives deep in your heart and who has the courage to live passionately and purposefully.