The Self-Awareness Guy

Do Your Thing

Having self-awareness means that you're able to decide what you want to do with your life based on who you are deep inside. It's sometimes hard to do your thing when there are so many people and messages telling you not to. Every day, an enthusiastic teen tells her parents what she wants to do with her life and they advise her that she should focus on something more practical; or an adult tells his friends about his dreams and they make fun of him.

If you pay attention to what other people say you should do, or how they define who you are, then you'll never follow your own path. The key to living a genuinely happy life is to be the real you no matter what anyone says. Do what you love doing each day and enjoy how it makes you feel and who it helps you become.

I love connecting with people who value self-awareness because they're willing to be vulnerable and show the world their true selves. How do you do your thing?