The Self-Awareness Guy

Are You Really Happy or Just Pretending?

Are you really happy or just pretending? Over many years of providing self-awareness coaching and training to individuals and groups, I've noticed that the less happy people are, the more vociferously they will claim to be happy. It's as if they feel they have to put up a brave front so that nobody will know how much they're really hurting inside.

You can't be genuinely happy in life if you walk around with tons of unresolved or conflicting issues rattling around in your head. I've met many a "happy" person who is so quick to anger that it's frightening. When you're truly happy, you feel, think and behave in ways that are consistent with happiness, for example:

  • You treat others well.
  • You're kind to people without expecting anything in return.
  • You don't feel like you have to beat anyone.
  • You help others succeed.
  • You think and behave with empathy.
  • The various parts of your psyche aren't fighting each other.
  • You don't suppress your emotions.
  • You feel a sense of well-being and balance inside.
  • You smile and laugh genuinely and often.
  • You live life as the real you.

True happiness comes from a deep sense of peace and well-being inside you. It means that you've built up your self-awareness, worked on your hurts, and healed yourself to the point where pain doesn't rule your life or you're not trying to ignore it.

What do you think creates real happiness?