The Self-Awareness Guy

Building a Better World

As someone who values self-awareness, you likely understand the role you play in building a better world for everyone. Here are some ideas on how to become a person who makes a difference:

  • Heal the inner hurts from your past so that you feel as good about yourself as possible. People who understand themselves well and have worked out their difficult issues are better able to help others because their own stuff doesn't get in the way.
  • Take action each day to make your dreams come true. Wake up each morning ready to do things your really love. Don't settle for just anything that comes your way, work deliberately to make things happen. You don't have to do everything at once, just take a small step every day.
  • Be yourself. Don't live someone else's life, be who you really are deep inside no matter what others say.
  • Believe that the world can be better. If you don't believe in a compassionate, equitable, caring world, you can't be part of the solution. Only people who believe in feeling, thinking, and behaving positively can create a more positive world.
  • Love more. Love yourself, love others, love the earth. Fill your days with love.
  • Keep doing things you love and that come from your heart. Your contribution is unique and valuable.
  • Keep building your self-awareness.

Do these things and you'll feel so great about yourself that you'll automatically generate positive vibes. What are your ideas for building a better world?