The Self-Awareness Guy

Safety or Courage

A lot of wonderful people don't pursue their dreams because they'd rather feel safe than experience heartache and setbacks. Sticking your neck out and showing the world your talent, no matter what happens, is one of the most difficult things for anyone to do. It takes an amazing amount of self-awareness and courage to be who you really are and share it confidently with everyone, including critics and detractors.

If you live for safety you'll always take the route that leads to maintaining a feeling of being comfortable, and that's rarely a creative or fulfilling path. If you're actively striving to make your dreams come true, you know that it can be challenging but at least you're proving that you have the courage to keep moving forward regardless of what anyone says or any obstacle that presents itself.

The difference between safety and courage is that playing it safe keeps you stuck and unhappy, often for a lifetime. Thankfully, you can always choose to build up your self-awareness, understand your strengths and areas for improvement, and take action each day to make your dreams come true. Which path do you follow, safety or courage, and for what reasons?