The Self-Awareness Guy

The Things You’ll Regret

A lot of people talk about living with no regrets and then go out and do stuff that is purely physical and doesn't really help them grow as human beings. As you build your self-awareness, you'll realize that physical pursuits are not the things that really matter in life, what people actually regret are things like:

  • Not having deep relationships with others.
  • Not saying, "I Love You," more often to their loved ones.
  • Not pursuing their dreams.
  • Not having the courage to live life as themselves.
  • Not taking the time to work on the issues that held them back in life.
  • Not admitting mistakes.
  • Not being in touch with their emotions.
  • Not treating themselves and others well.
  • Not making the world a better place.
  • Not making life easier for others.
  • Not behaving with kindness and empathy toward all people.
  • Not letting go of fear.

You'll notice that these types of regrets don't have anything to do with living recklessly or being hooked on adrenaline, they refer to the quiet moments when we have to face who we are as people and decide whether we did everything in our power to live meaningfully.

Self-awareness allows you to live on a deeper level, where you understand what really matters in life rather than trying to fill yourself up with temporary placebos. How will you avoid regrets in your life?