The Self-Awareness Guy

Work through Your Stuff

It's important to work through your stuff even if you don't really want to, otherwise you'll live a reactive, unconscious life rather than building your self-awareness and enjoying being the real you.

A lot of people spend an inordinate amount of time and energy trying to avoid difficult issues instead of dealing with them openly and directly. It's painful to look at your inner bruises but it's the only way to heal yourself deep inside and move forward in life. When you deal with the challenges that hold you back, you open up doors of opportunity that would have been closed otherwise.

It may not be easy, but the process of healing your hurts is the only true path to happiness. It's like having a toothache, it will never go away until you treat it. One of the reasons I enjoy connecting with people who value self-awareness is that they often are in a place where they're already comfortable looking deep inside, and that's where all change begins.

What advice do you have on how to work through your stuff?