The Self-Awareness Guy

Water Seeks Its Own Level

An important part of building self-awareness is understanding the reasons why you surround yourself with certain people and how they affect the trajectory of your life. Ever notice that people tend to hang out with others who mirror or reinforce their behaviors? That's great if they're doing wonderfully positive things but quite another if they're not.

Water seeks its own level because it doesn't want to be out of balance. People are the same way because they can only achieve at the level they are ready for and seek out others who are at a similar stage. Difficulties and complications arise when individuals are deeply wounded or hurt inside and connect with others who join them because they are feeling the same way. It's how groups of people band together and do all kinds of awful things.

Thankfully, you don't have to live your life stuck in one place, you can keep improving yourself, building your self-esteem, and working on being a wonderful person. As you live more fully and authentically, you will attract people into your life who value how genuinely healthy you are and want to accompany you on your journey.

What are your thoughts on water seeking its own level?