The Self-Awareness Guy

Guy Farmer · The Self-Awareness Guy

I’m Guy Farmer, The Self-Awareness Guy. I help creative, open-minded, kind people celebrate who they are inside, let go of the things that hold them back and practice positive thinking and behaviors to live fulfilling lives.

I’ve been coaching and facilitating workshops and retreats for people who aren’t afraid of change and are open to looking at themselves for many years. I enjoy working with forward-thinking, compassionate people who believe in treating themselves and others well and who want to look beneath the surface. My self-awareness building services include:

When you learn about yourself and truly understand why you think, feel and act the way you do, you open the door to living authentically and happily. I love being part of the process where people discover how wonderful they are and live life courageously and confidently. How will you increase your self-awareness?



The Self-Awareness Guy

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