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Guy Farmer · Self-Awareness Coaching

I’m Guy Farmer and I specialize in self-awareness coaching that helps creative, forward-thinking, compassionate people live authentically. It requires courage to decide to take action and change the way you do things, here are some of the benefits of self-awareness coaching:

  • Increased understanding of why you think, feel and act certain ways.
  • The ability to consciously change direction in life.
  • Treat yourself and others positively.
  • Listen to your inner voice.
  • Live a life that reflects who you are deep inside.
  • Experience more happiness and fulfillment.

I love coaching people who are ready to change and aren’t afraid to take a candid look at themselves. Self-awareness coaching helps you be yourself and live your life based on your innate talents and interests. What will you do to build your self-awareness?



Self-Awareness Coaching

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