The Self-Awareness Guy


15 Benefits of Developing Self-Awareness

Here are fifteen benefits of developing self-awareness:

  1. You heal the hurts from your past.
  2. You're in touch with your emotions, are able to feel them, and can use them to move in a positive direction. You're also comfortable with other people's emotions.
  3. You understand your strengths and areas for improvement.
  4. You treat yourself and others with kindness, empathy, and compassion.
  5. You do things to make the world a better place.
  6. You focus on the deeper things in life rather than living superficially.
  7. You get to know the real you and live your life accordingly.
  8. You let go of the need for power and control and focus instead on being the best person you can be without dominating others or having to win.
  9. People like you at home and at work.
  10. You don't have the constant internal conflict of saying one thing and doing another.
  11. You're generally happy and balanced, even in difficult situations.
  12. You understand why you feel, think, and do things.
  13. You learn and grow each day.
  14. You become a nice person.
  15. You enjoy life.

When you develop self-awareness you have a wonderful opportunity to move beyond all the garbage that creates conflict, chaos, confusion, and misery in your life and focus instead on living a kind, joyful, deeply introspective and fulfilling existence. When you're fully self-aware, you no longer live day to day, reacting to everything, you get to be the real you and do what you really love in life.



Finding Meaning in Life

Countless earnest people put a lot of time and effort into finding meaning in life but don't actually experience it because they look to outside sources rather than looking inside themselves. A major element of self-awareness is developing the ability to understand yourself so well that the meaning of life becomes clear to you because you're living from the core of your being.

When you're looking for meaning, it's important to examine the inner workings of your mind and heart, where the answers reside. Take the time to find out who you genuinely are and what you really want to do in life and you'll become more fulfilled from the inside out. For example: I found great significance when I finally decided to be a poet because I knew it reflected the authentic me. Now I live each day full of joy and purpose.

You can spend a lifetime looking outside yourself for happiness but it won't be as satisfying as simply following your true path. As you increase your self-awareness, you'll find that the answers you've been looking for will reveal themselves. How do find meaning in life?


10 Real-World Examples of Diversity

A lot of people ask me for examples of diversity, here are ten real-world ones:

  1. Different life experiences.
  2. Believing different things.
  3. Having different talents.
  4. People from different socio-economic backgrounds.
  5. People who look different from one another.
  6. Various educational levels.
  7. Different ages.
  8. Speaking different languages.
  9. Different genders.
  10. Different sexual orientations.

The key to thinking positively about diversity is to have the self-awareness to realize that, although not everyone is the same, each individual brings an exciting set of thoughts, life experiences, and talents to the table. When you add all these varied characteristics up and use them to build up your organization, you'll be stronger and have a larger pool of resources at your disposal.

The trap many people fall into is thinking that diversity is scary or will force them to change in some negative way. I like to think of diversity as all the amazing range of talents and perspectives people possess that can make an organization much more agile and dynamic. What examples of diversity would you add to the list?


Be Kind to Yourself

People are frequently quite hard on themselves and are constantly concerned about how well they are doing things. I help people learn how to be kind with themselves. Try these ideas today to be kind with yourself.

1. Praise yourself for something you did today.
2. Do something positive that you enjoy.
3. Repeat every day.

Getting in the habit of doing these simple things can feel different at first but, over time, it leads to us doing things that make us feel good. It’s great when we can rely on ourselves rather than others to make us feel good.

Next time you feel completely stressed out and about to explode, take a moment and try these steps instead of being hard on yourself. We are all amazing creatures that need caring and affection and who better to start that process than ourselves?



When You Have No Hope

Many of us reach points in our lives where we feel like nothing is going right. I ask people to focus on the things that are going right. It may sound simplistic but much of how we see the world is based on perspective.

Why is it that one person sees an event as a tragedy while another sees it simply as a bump in the road? Perspective. Why is it that one person crumbles when faced with adversity but others thrive? Perspective.

When you give up hope you give up believing that you can affect the world around you. This is only a perception because, in fact, you can always do something to move your life in a different direction. Try these simple techniques to overcome the challenges in your life.

1. Take an inventory of the things you do well.
2. Pick one of the things you came up with to work on.
3. Take steps to finish the work.
4. Move on to the next thing you want to do.

Regaining hope is often about finding your inner confidence. You reconnect to your inner hope and confidence by actually doing things and experiencing the challenge of completing tasks. Doing things literally impells you to do something besides dwell on your loss of hope. Try these steps and move in a direction that satisfies you. You deserve it.