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Self-Awareness Coaching Helps You Stop Living a Pretend Life

Self-awareness coaching helps you stop living a pretend life by encouraging you to discover who you really are deep inside. It takes so much effort and energy to live a false life. You have to wake up each day, do things you don’t want to do and live as someone you’re not, which leads to feeling like life doesn’t matter.

No amount of pretending can make you be happy. You either live authentically or not. That’s why self-awareness coaching is so helpful to people who have become tired of living someone else’s life rather than their own. Imaging celebrating your amazing talents and abilities and living a deeply meaningful life where you think, feel and act like yourself. Imaging getting out of bed each day and doing what you enjoy.

I love the process of helping thoughtful, open-minded people let go of the junk that doesn’t work and learn how to celebrate their true selves. I only work with highly motivated, open-minded individuals who are willing to take a careful look at themselves and are ready to change. What are you willing to do to stop living a pretend life?



Self-Awareness Coaching

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