The Self-Awareness Guy

Self-Awareness Workshops for Fearless, Enlightened Leaders

I’ve facilitated hundreds of self-awareness workshops over the years and there are two kinds of leaders who are in attendance:

  1. Those who are acutely uncomfortable examining their thoughts, feelings and behaviors and who are unwilling to rectify past mistakes or consider new approaches.
  2. Those who are open to building self-awareness.

Which are you? It’s really normal to be the first type of leader because we’ve been conditioned to be strong and infallible since childhood. The irony is that, the more fearless the leader, the more open she’ll be to examining herself and making changes in her leadership approach.

You can tell someone is practicing enlightened leadership when they deeply understand how their thoughts, feelings and actions affect not only them, but also the people they interact with, especially their employees. Inspirational leaders understand that leadership isn’t just about the person at the top, it’s about the health of the whole system.



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