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Self-Awareness Means Telling Yourself the Truth

Self-Awareness Means Telling Yourself the Truth

A major element of self-awareness is telling yourself the truth about what's going on in your life. When you do this you're able to figure out what's going well and what needs attention. Being truthful doesn't mean beating yourself up, it's just the act of acknowledging the areas you want to strengthen.

A lot of people spend their entire lives lying to themselves and doing things that don't reflect who they really are deep inside. This leads to pain and misery for the person doing it and the people around him or her. Here are some signs you're telling yourself the truth:

  • You know who you really are deep down inside.
  • Your words match your actions.
  • You follow your dreams.
  • You deal well with your emotions.
  • You're not afraid of looking at the difficult issues in your upbringing and life in general.
  • You heal the parts of you that are damaged.
  • You make life easier for yourself and those around you.
  • You don't lie about who you really are.