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10 Characteristics of a Good Leader

10 Characteristics of a Good Leader

I don't generally label leaders "good" or "bad" because that tends to sound like a value judgment, but I do believe there are some characteristics that self-aware or enlightened leaders posses that help them move in a positive direction. So, with that being said, here are ten characteristics of what many people term "good" leaders:

  1. They possess emotional intelligence, which means they are able to identify and positively manage their own as well as others' emotions.
  2. They're empathic.
  3. They see and understand the big picture instead of getting stuck in minute detail.
  4. Their employees and colleagues genuinely like them.
  5. They build bridges instead of walls.
  6. They are expert listeners and practice two-way communication.
  7. They get out of the way and let people do their thing.
  8. They don't have power and control issues.
  9. They create positive, easy-going, highly productive work environments.
  10. They possess self-awareness.

There really isn't some hidden secret to being a "good" leader, it just means that you're a decent human being who is, by extension, able to promote a workplace that is healthy and happy. What would you add to this list?