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Self-Awareness Improves Your Dating Life

Self-Awareness Improves Your Dating Life

People who lack self-awareness tend to have a lot of dating problems because they don't know who they are or what they really want. My lovely clients tell me all kinds of stories about the bad boys and girls they date or the fact that they can't find Mr. or Ms. Right. What I've found out over the years is that people date haphazardly. They have some vague notion of what they want but they are missing a few key elements that will help them date at a deeper, more rewarding level. Next time you are feeling troubled by your dating life think of the following ideas.

1. Am I happy with myself or am I looking for someone to fill that void?
2. Am I doing what I want with my life?
3. Do I date negative people because, deep down, I don't like myself?
4. Do I know how to meet positive, supportive people to date?
5. Am I meeting people that make me feel good about myself?
6. Do I have the communication and interpersonal skills to date well?
7. Why do I date?

As you think of answers to these questions you will begin to understand yourself more and identify the patterns that have led you to relationship problems. If you keep repeating the same behaviors you will likely get the same results. It's only when we begin to understand ourselves and treat ourselves well that we can begin letting great people into our lives.