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10 Self-Awareness Examples

10 Self-Awareness Examples

People often ask me to give them examples of self-awareness, here are ten:

  1. You recognize your strengths.
  2. You're able to identify your areas for improvement and actively work on them.
  3. Your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors move you in a positive direction.
  4. You're comfortable around other people's emotions, even when they're intense.
  5. You are always working on understanding yourself better and living consciously.
  6. You actively seek help to resolve the hurts from your past.
  7. You understand how your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors affect not only you, but also others.
  8. You are able to manage your self-talk and distinguish between reality and fiction.
  9. You are comfortable socially.
  10. You are pursuing a life that reflects who you really are deep down inside.

Developing self-awareness doesn't just happen by reading a book or attending a workshop, it's a process of working on yourself and understanding how you function and how it affects you and the world around you. What are you doing to increase your self-awareness?