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how to become successful in career

How to Become Successful in Life and Your Career

How to Become Successful in Life and Your Career

Many people spend a lifetime searching for the secret to success when it is in front of them the whole time. There really isn’t a magic secret to being successful in life and your career, it just requires purposeful action. Purposeful action means that we behave in a fully conscious manner and think about every action that we take. We don’t leave things to chance, except when appropriate, and we purposefully do things to improve things about ourselves. We don’t let life happen to us, we make it happen.

Thinking successfully requires that we re-program some of our previous thought patterns. We benefit from consciously moving past the messages about not being successful or having to rely on others for our fulfillment. We also purposefully leave behind the self-talk about not being able to achieve greatness or not deserving a good life. Our new way of thinking allows us great freedom because we get to create success by simply doing things that lead in that direction.

The following steps will help you achieve what you want in life but there is one condition: You have to do them. Take some time to walk yourself through these ideas slowly and deliberately. The answers will lead you toward your dreams and aspirations.

1. Identify something you want to achieve in life.
2. Brainstorm different tasks that will help you achieve your goal.
3. Pick one task and follow it through to completion. Assign yourself a realistic time limit.

When you are done with these three steps repeat them by going back to your brainstorm list and working on one of the other ideas or by starting at number one again. Use these steps to keep moving and continue taking action toward your dreams. Here’s what the process might look like as you answer the questions.

1. I want to start my own business . (This is where you identify your dream).

2. Tasks involved in starting my business: (This is where you brainstorm ideas).
a. What kind of business.
b. Taking a class in starting a business.
c. Making contacts.
d. Talking to business people.

3. I will decide what kind of business really excites me. I will do this within the next week. (This is where you choose a task and complete it).

When you complete number three then simply repeat. Success is based on continuous movement and action and going through these steps helps you keep going. If you don’t actually do stuff you never get beyond the idea phase, you benefit greatly from completing tasks. Before you know it you will be on your way to completing one, two, ten, forty, fifty tasks and you will be moving down the road you used to only dream of.

People get stuck because they keep repeating the same actions over and over. These three steps allow you to interrupt that cycle. With each action you complete you become stronger and more successful. Don’t worry too much about what goal you choose or what action to take, it is the act of doing things that creates the change in your life.