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What Does It Mean to Be Self-Aware?

What Does It Mean to Be Self-Aware?

What does it mean to be self-aware? Here are some of the characteristics of people who possess self-awareness:

  • They have the ability to deal with their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors and channel them in positive ways.
  • They know who they are deep inside and work each day to live their dreams.
  • They can deal positively with other people's emotions, thinking, and behaviors.
  • They are genuinely happy because they are themselves.
  • They are on their true path in life.
  • They are psychologically healthy.
  • They treat themselves and others well.
  • The enjoy positive relationships.
  • They have less conflict and strife in their lives.
  • They live proactively rather than reactively.
  • They feel more at peace inside.

Being self-aware simply means that you're mindful of who you are, how you treat yourself and others, how you deal with challenges, and how you interact with your environment. Self-aware people live happier, more fulfilling lives because they've done the work necessary to arrive at a place of calm. What would you add to this list?