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How Competition Destroys the World

How Competition Destroys the World

Competition destroys the world because it pits people against each other instead of encouraging them to work together to build a system that benefits everyone. Here are some of the unpleasant consequences of competition:

  • People hating themselves if they don't win.
  • Hurting others just to win.
  • Having to defeat or destroy someone in order to feel good.
  • Seeing other people as opponents.
  • Going to war to get what you want.
  • Making people lose, laughing at them when they do.
  • Creating an us-versus-them mentality that leads to tribalism and strife.
  • Thinking your side is right.
  • Finding ways to cheat in order to win.
  • Putting others down so your side wins.
  • Tolerating inequality.
  • Creating dominant groups that put everyone else down.
  • De-emphasizing or belittling collaboration.
  • Favoring war over peace.
  • Making fun of peace, love, hope, compassion, kindness, empathy.
  • Mocking togetherness, unity, humanity.
  • Constant battling and fighting.
  • Always having to have an enemy.
  • Equating winning with being a balanced, healthy person.
  • Setting up relationships, families, organizations, systems, and societies that reward competition instead of collaboration or promoting the greater good.

People who are deeply self-aware and balanced don't think this way. They know how to feed their inner selves without having to vanquish a foe. They can set inner goals that don't require destroying someone else. When you possess self-awareness, you know how to be peaceful, empathic, collaborative, and kind because you have nothing to prove.