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relationship between self-awareness and leadership

The Relationship between Self Awareness and Leadership

The Relationship between Self Awareness and Leadership

There is a huge relationship between self-awareness and leadership because self-aware leaders are far more effective than those who aren't. Here are some of the things leaders who possess self-awareness do:

  • They manage their own thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
  • They are comfortable with and understand their employees' thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
  • They're able to build positive workplace relationships.
  • They have healthy boundaries.
  • They're not hung up on power and control issues.
  • They work collaboratively.
  • They ask for help and welcome feedback.
  • They don't micromanage.
  • Their egos don't get in the way.
  • They build workplaces that are happier and healthier.
  • They understand how their thoughts, feelings, and emotions affect others.
  • They behave appropriately based on the situation.
  • They're able to listen to others without getting defensive.
  • They're calmer and more balanced.

Picture your workplace being run by leaders that possess these types of characteristics, it would likely be a positive environment. The challenge for many leaders is realizing that self-awareness simply means having the insight to put one's own stuff aside and be there to support others. This type of dynamic only happens when people in leadership positions are self-aware and healthy.