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On Being Rude

On Being Rude

We've all met people who seem to enjoy being rude or do things that annoy or hurt others. This type of person usually doesn't have a lot of self-awareness because, if they did, they would realize the consequences of their behaviors. People behave rudely for a variety of reasons including:

  • Insecurity and lack of self-esteem.
  • Fear of letting people get closer.
  • Lack of appropriate role models.
  • Inability to feel empathy.
  • Need to dominate others.
  • Protect themselves from people hurting them.
  • Negative attention-seeking behavior.
  • They've been hurt in the past and take it out on others.
  • Habit.

People who behave rudely don't usually do things consciously, they behave the way they do because they feel something horrible inside and don't know what else to do.

The good news is that anyone can change direction, stop behaving like a jerk, and live a happier life by increasing their self-awareness. It starts with reflecting on who they are and healing their hurts so they can treat themselves and others well. What do you think about people who behave rudely?