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25 Characteristics of a Self-Aware Person

25 Characteristics of a Self-Aware Person

Here are twenty-five characteristics of a self-aware person:

  1. You're able to look inside yourself.
  2. You understand how your thoughts and behaviors affect you and the people around you.
  3. You're able to manage your emotions and comfortably deal with other people's emotions.
  4. You don't walk through life hurting others.
  5. You treat yourself and others well.
  6. You're generally happy and balanced.
  7. You live a meaningful and fulfilling life.
  8. You know who you are deep inside.
  9. You follow your dreams.
  10. You listen to your inner voice.
  11. You build healthy relationships.
  12. You don't get into a lot of conflicts.
  13. You don't try to control other people.
  14. You behave with kindness and empathy.
  15. You don't feel you have to win or beat people.
  16. You heal your inner damage.
  17. You derive your self-esteem from being a healthy person.
  18. You listen to other people.
  19. You don't feel threatened by new or different ideas.
  20. You live based on reality.
  21. You give to others.
  22. You don't have an inflated ego.
  23. You don't make excuses for the mistakes you make.
  24. You're willing to change.
  25. You're a nice person.

Being self-aware means that you've done the work necessary to understand who you really are and fix the things that cause you or others discomfort. When you possess self-awareness, you're in touch with your emotions, thoughts, and actions, so that you can live a life where you treat yourself and others with care and compassion and help build a better world.