The Self-Awareness Guy

What Self-Awareness Isn’t

A lot of people think self-awareness happens simply by saying you have it. This leads to people insisting that they understand themselves well while leaving a trail of destruction wherever they go. Here are some examples of what self-awareness isn't:

  • Saying you do one thing and then doing another.
  • Having various parts of your life in conflict.
  • Saying you care about people but treating certain ones poorly.
  • Insisting you're happy and balanced when you have a lot of unfinished inner business to deal with.
  • You say you love yourself but you do things that hurt you.
  • Thinking and behaving in ways that hurt others.
  • Saying that other people don't have self-awareness and then doing things that demonstrate you don't.

Getting to know yourself well is an ongoing process where you comprehend why you think and do certain things and continuously move your life in a positive direction. You become so comfortable with yourself that you treat others with great care and compassion because you're deeply happy inside. What will you do to keep building self-awareness?



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