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Kind People Can Change the World

I’ve worked with a lot of people in leadership positions and I’ve noticed that many genuinely believe they have to be stern and authoritarian instead of being kind. It’s like they lack any self-awareness about how they affect others. This harsh approach is the result of being sold the narrative that you have to be a hard-charging bully to get anything done, the punitive approach to leadership. We even routinely reward people who do unsavory things, including hurting others.

My modest proposal would be to gradually shift from encouraging harsh behavior to celebrating self-awareness and kindness. There is nothing a severe person can accomplish that a kind person can’t. You can treat people really well and still get amazing results in your personal or professional life. You can do things that uplift others and help build a more beneficial world for everyone.

Kindness is a valuable tool that can inspire and motivate the people around you. The proof is that individuals respond much more positively to praise than they do to criticism or punishment. Praise encourages people to try harder while punishment leads to doing whatever is necessary to avoid more punishment. Our current behavioral model for our personal and professional lives is punitive. What if we shifted to being kind to each other? It might even lead to, gasp, people feeling good about themselves.

If you’re a kind person, keep doing it. You’re a vital resource and a valuable example for the individuals around you. At very least, you demonstrate that people don’t have to be punitive and harsh and that there’s another, more positive alternative. I love providing life coaching for people who value self-awareness because they know how to treat others with empathy and care.

What ideas do you have about how kind people can change the world?

Take care,

How to Be Happy Right Now

A topic that often comes up during my self-awareness coaching sessions is how to be happy, preferably right now; as if there is such a thing as easy joy. Achieving true happiness is a state of being that develops over time and requires doing things like:

  • Following your dreams.
  • Taking action each day to make your dreams come true.
  • Being kind to yourself and others.
  • Being creative.
  • Getting to know yourself.
  • Building self-awareness.
  • Healing your hurts.
  • Being the real you.

I’ve found that you can increase your happiness right this moment by making sure you’re doing things that reflect who you are deep inside, which means that you’re increasing your self-awareness and living authentically. What do you do to be happy?

Take care,

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Do You Live in Fear?

Our culture often tells us that we have to live in fear. We’re constantly fed news and information about safety and avoiding various bogeymen. We scamper around, afraid that the latest threat is already under our bed. The challenge in the face of this onslaught of anxiety is to move beyond the fight or flight instinct and live with self-awareness, courage, and hope.

If all you do is sit around being scared of something, then you’ll live a life where you don’t follow your dreams, or do what you love doing. Fear keeps you stuck trying to be safe instead of courageously following your inner voice. It’s up to you to decide what kind of life you want to live: One where you stifle your voice, or one where you sing joyfully.

I love connecting with people who value self-awareness because they understand what’s it’s like to exist in a realm of uncertainty and nebulousness and create something positive out of it. They live with hope and valor instead of trepidation. What do you do to avoid living in fear?

Take care,

Being Creative Requires Courage

When you possess self-awareness you’re able to explore your creativity. Being creative requires courage because you have to put yourself out there and expose your ideas to scrutiny and criticism.

Creativity simply means coming up with something that didn’t exist before, it requires a sense of optimism and daring, a willingness to challenge the status quo or prevailing wisdom. We all have the ability to be creative but some people have been programmed to believe that it’s difficult or even dangerous, some even go as far as holding on to the same way of doing things no matter what the results are.

The great thing about human beings is that we have the ability to generate new ideas and bring them to fruition. We don’t have to stay stuck and we can forge a world based on kindness and compassion instead of fear and suspicion. People who value self-awareness and being creative are able to pioneer bold movements and envision new solutions to the issues we all face.

What’s your perspective on creativity?

Take care,

Being Sensitive Is Good

Individuals who lack self-awareness don’t understand their impact on others. When people say things like: “You’re too sensitive,” or “Stop being so sensitive,” I can almost guarantee that someone is in the process of being hurt in some way. It usually happens like this:

  1. Person one says something rude to person two.
  2. Person two gets upset.
  3. Person one says, “You’re too sensitive.”

Being sensitive is a good thing, it means that you’re in touch with your feelings and you’re able to express them, and that’s why it makes people who aren’t well-versed in dealing with emotions uncomfortable. Most people run screaming when they experience an uncomfortable feeling inside themselves or coming from someone else, and they’ll do anything to get away from it.

I love connecting with people who value self-awareness because they know what it’s like to experience the world through heightened emotions. It doesn’t mean they don’t use their brains, it just shows they’re extra intuitive and perceptive about their environment.

If you’re a sensitive person, that’s great. Keep experiencing your feelings and encouraging others to do the same. After all, we’re all thinking, feeling beings. What are your ideas on being sensitive?

Take care,