The Self-Awareness Guy

Self-Awareness and Writing Your Story

When you have self-awareness you’re able to consciously write your story instead of being subject to the experiences in your past or the limitations you’ve placed on yourself. At any moment in your existence, you can change your narrative but it requires being wide awake and ready to welcome change and growth into your life. Here are some ideas to help you begin writing your story:

  • Get to know who you really are deep down inside.
  • Be willing to live your life as the real you.
  • Have the courage to let go of the voices in your head that hold you back.
  • Welcome the opportunity to heal your past wounds.
  • Be open to changing past behavior patterns that don’t work.
  • Be creative, there are no limits to the story you can create.
  • Don’t worry about outcomes or whether people will like your story.
  • Be authentic and honor who you really are.
  • Live a life of conscious happiness and fulfillment.

The more you know yourself, the better able you’ll be to live your life on purpose. You get to choose when you start and what you work on. What story will you write?

Take care,


Coloring outside the Lines

When you possess self-awareness you’re able to do your own thing instead of being swayed by others. Countless well-meaning parents, teachers, friends, bosses, and institutions crush our spirits by telling us to avoid coloring outside the lines. The say things like: fit in, don’t make waves, be like us, don’t be too different. Unfortunately, conforming to rules is the exact opposite of being creative, where there are no limits.

Coloring outside the lines is the very essence of being your own person. You can do anything you want without worrying about the rules other people put in place to stifle your creativity. You get to live each day as the real you and do the things that bring you joy and fulfillment rather than conforming to what someone else says you should do.

A big part of self-awareness is following your own inner voice. You decide where you go, what you do, and how you do it. There are no rules, just the ones that you create.

What’s your advice on coloring outside the lines?

Take care,

10 Ways to Live More Meaningfully

Here are ten ways to live more meaningfully, and develop your self-awareness at the same time:

  1. Follow your dreams.
  2. Treat yourself and others well.
  3. Make the world a better place for yourself and others.
  4. Have the courage to be yourself.
  5. Live your own life.
  6. Love more.
  7. Fear less.
  8. Heal your hurts.
  9. Listen to others.
  10. Feel, think, and behave positively.

One of the reasons I love interacting with people who value self-awareness is because they do things like these on a regular basis. It takes a lot of courage to live deliberately rather than letting life happen to you. What are your ideas on how to live more meaningfully?

Take care,

How to Spot People Who Aren’t Happy

When you have self-awareness, you’re able to live a joyful life and genuinely get along with yourself and others. It’s easy to spot people who aren’t happy because they do things like:

  • Put other people down.
  • Compete with others to boost their own self-image.
  • Say negative things.
  • Look stressed out or ill at ease.
  • Dedicate their lives to causes that hurt people.
  • Defend reprehensible behaviors.
  • Have a history of poor relationships.
  • Say one thing and do another.
  • Live in fear.
  • Do what other people tell them to do.
  • Lack self-awareness.
  • Say they’re happy.

The key to being truly happy in life is to be the person you are at your core, the real you. One of the reasons I love connecting with people who value self-awareness is because their energy comes from a place of introspection, genuineness, creativity, and abundance.

What makes you happy?

Take care,

The Things You’ll Regret

A lot of people talk about living with no regrets and then go out and do stuff that is purely physical and doesn’t really help them grow as human beings. As you build your self-awareness, you’ll realize that physical pursuits are not the things that really matter in life, what people actually regret are things like:

  • Not having deep relationships with others.
  • Not saying, “I Love You,” more often to their loved ones.
  • Not pursuing their dreams.
  • Not having the courage to live life as themselves.
  • Not taking the time to work on the issues that held them back in life.
  • Not admitting mistakes.
  • Not being in touch with their emotions.
  • Not treating themselves and others well.
  • Not making the world a better place.
  • Not making life easier for others.
  • Not behaving with kindness and empathy toward all people.
  • Not letting go of fear.

You’ll notice that these types of regrets don’t have anything to do with living recklessly or being hooked on adrenaline, they refer to the quiet moments when we have to face who we are as people and decide whether we did everything in our power to live meaningfully.

Self-awareness allows you to live on a deeper level, where you understand what really matters in life rather than trying to fill yourself up with temporary placebos. How will you avoid regrets in your life?

Take care,