The Self-Awareness Guy

Self-Awareness and Making the World a Better Place

Self-awareness is a vital component of making the world a better place because when people understand themselves well and possess inner peace and balance they tend to interact positively and compassionately with others. Here are some ways that self-awareness helps build a better world:

  • You’re willing to take an honest, candid look at who you are and improve the areas that need attention so you can interact positively with others.
  • You’re open to change and different ideas.
  • Working through your unresolved issues makes you less likely to put them on others.
  • Feeling balanced and at peace within yourself makes you less susceptible to influences that lead in a negative direction.
  • When you feel great about yourself in a healthy way you don’t have to dominate or subjugate others.
  • When you know yourself deep inside you don’t have to look to outside entities to give you meaning because you do it for yourself.
  • You live with compassion because you realize that everyone has challenges to overcome and we are all interconnected and interdependent.
  • You take care of yourself and others.
  • You live consciously and mindfully instead of reacting to your environment.
  • Feeling healthy inside greatly reduces fear and increases your ability to think and act courageously.
  • When you’re balanced and fulfilled you’re more likely to have empathy toward others.
  • You share your positive attributes with the world.

Making the world a better place means finding ways for people to be happy about who they are instead of working out their issues on each other. Self-awareness is an essential tool because it helps people find the peace and balance necessary to connect meaningfully with themselves and others. How will you make the world a better place for yourself and as many other people as possible?

Take care,


It’s OK to Be Sensitive

A lot of people who are labeled sensitive go through life being mocked or belittled for having an extraordinary way of looking at the world. Being sensitive simply means that you have the self-awareness to be in touch with deeper feelings and are able to experience things more intensely and fully. Being a sensitive person requires a lot of courage because you’ll likely feel things that others don’t want to deal with or will never get close to experiencing.

As a highly sensitive person, I feel things in my heart; literally like a flooding sensation in my chest. I’m tuned into what others are thinking and feeling even when they aren’t. There have been times in my life when I was told to squelch these feelings and it made me feel horrible about myself. Luckily, as I kept building my self-awareness, I realized that I could actually be myself and make a career of it, which allowed me to live a meaningful, happy life.

What are your thoughts on being a sensitive person?

Take care,

The Beauty Arising from Self-Awareness

When you lack self-awareness you’re more likely to live in a confusing, contradictory, uncertain world where things don’t make sense and beauty is less prevalent. Countless people live this way and pretend it’s normal rather than seeking a more fulfilling, balanced existence. You can choose to move toward inner and outer beauty or away from it, as in the following examples.

If you don’t possess self-awareness you:

  • Lack self-knowledge.
  • Live an inauthentic life.
  • Experience a lot of cognitive dissonance.
  • Have various parts of your mind not talking to each other.
  • Live unconsciously, reacting to your environment.
  • Are not in touch with your feelings.
  • Are superficially happy.
  • Miss much of the beauty in the world around you and inside you.

If you possess a high level of self-awareness you:

  • Understand yourself in a healthy way.
  • Live life based on your innate talents, passions and interests.
  • Think and behave in consistently positive ways.
  • Have the various parts of your mind in sync.
  • Live consciously, deliberately and mindfully.
  • Are in touch with your feelings.
  • Are deeply happy due to living meaningfully.
  • Live a life of inner and outer beauty.

Each day you have the ability to choose where your thoughts and actions will take you. Beauty is all around you as well as inside you, it’s up to you whether you access it. What will you do to celebrate the beauty in your life?

Take care,


Fear of Rejection

An important element of self-awareness is to understand how your fears influence your path in life. Fear of rejection can keep you from doing many meaningful things like:

  • Being yourself.
  • Speaking your mind.
  • Making friends.
  • Dating.
  • Writing poetry.
  • Being creative.
  • Following your own path.

The key to living happily is to realize that there will always be people who don’t get what you do or who you are, but that it doesn’t matter. You’re valuable as you are and you bring amazing gifts and talents to the table. So what if you get rejected? You’re still your wonderful self. What do you think about the fear of rejection?

Take care,

Self-Awareness Leads to Real Happiness

A lot of people claim they’re happy and then think, say, and do things that indicate they’re not. The thing I like so much about self-awareness is that it’s an actual path to happiness, not just some false assertion. Here’s how it works:

  1. You take an ongoing, honest, candid look at yourself, examining your strengths and areas for improvement.
  2. You identify the parts of your life that don’t lead to joy, these are often the remnants of your formative years when you were hurt in some way.
  3. You feel all the emotions related to your past hurts and actively work on healing them. You go to therapy if necessary.
  4. You begin forming a clear picture of your whole self.
  5. What you feel, think, say, and do all follow the same path and don’t conflict with each other.
  6. You identify who you genuinely are deep inside and what you really want to do with your life.
  7. You take action every day to live life as the real you.
  8. Your level of kindness and compassion toward yourself and others keeps growing.
  9. You feel, think, and behave positively toward yourself and others; not just say you do.
  10. You become so happy inside that you make the world a better place for everyone.

If you value self-awareness, you’re likely doing one or several of these things right now and you’re on your way to living a peaceful, loving, balanced, dynamic, fulfilling, healthy life. What does real happiness mean to you?

Take care,