The Self-Awareness Guy

Self-Awareness and Being Insecure

When you enjoy a high level of self-awareness you tend to be less insecure because you understand who you really are and you don’t compare yourself to others. Countless people wander through life measuring themselves against some arbitrary standard set by someone else rather than becoming healthy and happy on their own. The first step in moving past insecurity is to acknowledge it. Here are some signs to look for:

  • You compare yourself to others.
  • You try to be perfect.
  • Deep down inside, you don’t like yourself.
  • You’re not living your own life.
  • You don’t treat yourself or others well.
  • You seldom practice compassion.
  • You’re always trying to beat someone else.
  • You revel in power and control.

When you do these types of things, it doesn’t mean you’re a terrible person but, rather, that you may not have yet really gotten in touch with the person you really are deep inside. Take the time to get to know who you really are and live your life based on your true joys and passions and you won’t have to worry about what others think or compare yourself to anyone but yourself. What will you do to reduce your insecurity?

Take care,


Leadership that Limits Success

There are countless smart, well-intentioned people in leadership positions who limit their organization’s success without even knowing it because they behave in ways that hinder growth and progress. What they may not yet realize is that leaders can consciously choose to behave in ways that increase success rather than impede it, let’s look at some examples of both approaches:

Behaviors that Limit Success

Need to control everything and project authority.
Only one vision.
Resistance to change.
Inability to listen.
Personal insecurity.

Behaviors that Increase Success

Let go of the need for power and control.
Entertain new ideas.
See things from more than one perspective.
Be willing to change.
Listen to people actively and often.
Work on being a secure, balanced individual.

A big part of self-awareness is understanding how your behaviors impact how you and your employees function. Even if your organization is already highly successful, you can practice positive behaviors to make things run even more smoothly. It all starts with being willing to evaluate your own leadership behaviors. What will you do to lead in a way that encourages success?

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Where Creativity Comes From

People ask me where creativity comes from and I’m happy to answer that it lives inside each of us. Every person has the ability to create something that didn’t exist before, all it requires is an openness to building self-awareness, and being yourself, the real you. Once you give yourself the permission to be creative, new and wonderful things will flow from your mind.

Being creative is the process by which you take what’s bubbling inside you and give it a new life in the outside world. It can be through poetry, art, music, mathematics, business or any discipline you enjoy. The key to creativity is to let go of the need to be right, or be swayed by the voices in your head that tell you to do things a certain way, and let yourself fly. Don’t worry about what people think or hold yourself to some abstract standard, just let your heart speak and have a good time.

As you increase your self-awareness, you’ll be better able to identify what you love to create, what your process is, and how you can apply it to your own life. It’s an ongoing journey of self-discovery.

Where does your creativity come from?

Take care,

15 Characteristics of Happy People

Being happy isn’t some unattainable abstract concept, you can consciously work on it until it becomes an integral part of your personal development. The challenge for many people is to look at the things that keep them from feeling joy and replace them with new ways of thinking and behaving that help them move in a positive direction. Here are fifteen characteristics of genuinely happy people:

  1. Absence of irrational or excessive fear.
  2. Integration of different parts of their minds.
  3. Ability to behave with empathy and compassion.
  4. Help themselves and others succeed.
  5. Balance and integration between personal and professional lives.
  6. Laugh often and enjoy the lighter side of life.
  7. Able to consider more than one perspective.
  8. Welcome change.
  9. Continually build self-awareness.
  10. Behave joyfully and consistently in all areas of their lives.
  11. Work every day on being happy.
  12. Understand that happiness doesn’t mean endless pleasure.
  13. Actively work on healing their own hurts.
  14. Find meaning inside themselves.
  15. Live a life that reflects who they really are deep inside.

If you practice thinking and behaving in these ways you know the sense of deep balance and fulfillment they bring. If you don’t, then you have an amazing opportunity to begin working on whichever area needs attention in your life. Being happy isn’t about what you say or how you appear on the outside, it’s about your actual thoughts, emotions and behaviors. What will you do to be genuinely happy?

Take care,


Some People Will Never Appreciate What You Do

A major element of self-awareness is understanding that it doesn’t matter what others think about you. There are people who will never appreciate what you do, regardless of how great you are or how much you try to explain it to them.

Some people will write you off because you don’t follow their rules or guidelines or don’t conform to their insatiable need to have everyone be like them. Other critics will come from a profound lack of creativity where they have denied their own muse and are out to make sure nobody produces anything beautiful. You may also encounter naysayers who won’t pay any attention to your work because they have some kind of power trip going on where they have to put you down to make themselves feel more powerful.

There will be plenty of people who don’t get what you do, and that’s OK. As a person who is building self-awareness, your task is to find those who understand and value who you are. They’re out there at this very moment, waiting to connect with you. These are the people for whom your life’s work will resonate and be meaningful, the ones who will support you because you make sense to them.

What do you do to move past the people who don’t appreciate what you do?

Take care,