The Self-Awareness Guy

What Is Self-Awareness and Are You Self-Aware?

Self-awareness is a significant part of personal development and it refers to being aware of how your thoughts and behaviors affect you and others. Many people are aware enough to identify things that need attention in their lives but they forget to take action to make it happen. There’s a big difference between knowing you do something and understanding it well enough to move it in a positive direction. Here are some signs you’re self-aware:

  • You’re able to deal with and direct your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.
  • You build positive relationships, including the one you have with yourself.
  • You genuinely like yourself and others do as well.
  • You live life based on what you really love doing.
  • You know yourself well.
  • You treat yourself and others with kindness and empathy.
  • You understand how the things you feel, think, and do affect you and others.



Achieve Your Dreams

The mistake we often make is that we live our whole lives putting our dreams on the back burner. There are several reasons this happens including fear, paying the bills, lack of planning and not believing that our dreams will come true.

People often think that thinking of their dreams is too unrealistic. The truth is that our lives tend to follow the patterns that we establish. If we think something cannot be achieved that will tend to happen.

As yourself this: What can I do today to start living my dreams? If you start believing and acting on the assumption that you can actually achieve your dreams you will begin to structure you life to make it happen.

The main message is don’t give up, there is always time to start working on your dreams. Don’t you deserve to live your dreams?



Going Below the Surface

Possessing self-awareness is synonymous with going below the surface, where all the meaningful parts of life reside, although most people prefer to stay in the shallow end. There’s nothing horrible about talking about the weather, sports, or cats, but I prefer to go where other people dare not: the inner workings of the mind in all its tumultuousness, ambiguity, insecurity, and pain.

I’ve always been someone who feels things very intensely, often to the point of discomfort, so it makes sense that my self-awareness work tends to reflect deeper emotions. Many people try to ignore these feelings and uncertainties, sometimes for an entire lifetime, but I figure we’re all wired to feel and we each get to choose whether we use our natural ability to emote. So many of the problems in the world could be resolved if people were willing to work out their inner turmoil before putting it on others.

Going below the surface allows you to experience life at its fullest, warts and all, but with the idea that you’ll be stronger and more balanced when you deal with your issues. When you acknowledge and feel pain, you can then do something positive to heal it. What do you do to go below the surface?


Dealing with a Broken Heart

Many of us have had our hearts broken. Sometimes it’s by a parent, a friend, a relative, a coworker or a significant other. We can gain a lot of strength from how we deal with these hurts. It’s perfectly natural to be hurt and how we deal it will lead us down the path toward having a healthy or failing heart. Think about it, the way you treat your heart can affect many areas in your life. Imagine if you could never recover from and insult or a break-up.

Our heart follows our actions. We can choose to stay stuck in pain and misery or we can choose to be kind to our heart and do things to move in a more positive direction. We have the ability to change our behavior consciously, a skill that comes in handy when tending to our hearts. Next time your heart hurts ask yourself some questions that will help you move in a positive direction. What is hurting me? What can I do to improve how I feel and take care of myself? What can I do to interrupt the pattern that keeps me stuck with a hurting heart? When you discover why you are hurting you then are able to do something differently. Our hearts often hurt because we have not yet learned how to mend them and nurse them back to health. Some people carry this hurt their entire lives. Much as an unhealthy heart can keep us from running a marathon, it can also keep us from enjoying a great relationship. When we learn how to care for our heart we can then enjoy it in all its healthy glory.



Parents and Fear

As you build self-awareness you’ll find it easier to leave behind some of the negative beliefs your parents may have instilled in you. Many well-meaning parents project their fears onto their children by offering “helpful” guidance and suggestions about what they should do with their lives. This leads to many kids growing up doubting themselves and following career paths that make them miserable. Parents want their children to succeed and not get hurt but these caring instincts often stifle creativity, squash dreams, and force people to live inauthentic lives.

It isn’t just parents who limit our horizons, it’s other caring people like teachers or good friends, all of whom project their own fears onto us and make us second-guess whether we can pursue our dreams. The key to living with self-awareness and enjoying a fulfilling, meaningful life is to kindly thank people for their advice and then do what you really want to do deep inside.

What do you think about parents and fear?