The Self-Awareness Guy

Self-Awareness and Your True Path

As you increase your self-awareness you’ll naturally follow your true path in life rather than:

  • Pretending you love doing something you don’t.
  • Justifying doing things you really don’t find meaningful.
  • Doing things solely for money.
  • Doing something because you sort of like it.
  • Doing something because you can.
  • Following other people’s visions.

The more deeply you know and understand yourself, the more you’ll:

  • Do things you genuinely love.
  • Do what you really want to do and find meaningful.
  • Worry less about money and more about fulfillment.
  • Do things because you’re passionate about them.
  • Do things because they’re your calling.
  • Follow your own inner compass.

The key to living an authentic and fulfilling life is to be the real you rather than pretending to be someone else. Take the time to discover who you are and let your authentic self guide your thoughts, feelings and actions. What will you do to follow your true path?

Take care,


Self-Awareness Coaching

Experiencing Kindness

Experiencing kindness as a child is a major part of being able to practice compassion as an adult. People who have not had families where kindness was the norm tend to be skeptical that it exists because they didn’t experience it in their formative years.

Kindness is really just another way of saying that you treat people with love, you care for them as if they are precious and deserve great tenderness and respect. It’s the only way to live a truly fulfilling life because, when you treat others well, it tends to create positive vibes in the universe.

People who value self-awareness often think in terms of how to increase the kindness in the world, whether it is by writing about love or challenging injustice. What do you think about experiencing kindness?

Take care,

Self-Awareness and Family Functioning

Self-awareness is a major component of healthy family functioning because, the more people understand themselves, the easier it will be for them to get along with each other and interact positively. We’ve been led to believe that families are about order, control, hierarchy, respect, tradition and other words that put people in boxes rather than encourage them to be themselves and live joyfully. People in restrictive families are often asked to do things like:

  • Keep secrets.
  • Sublimate their own identity to fit the group.
  • Follow rules, no matter how unreasonable or arbitrary.
  • Be in constant conflict and call it love.
  • Occasionally do nice things for each other.
  • Have no effective problem-solving or conflict resolution mechanisms.
  • Talk only about approved subjects.
  • Blindly defer to people who may not know what they’re doing.
  • Only express approved emotions.
  • Negative behaviors are tolerated.

These types of actions are common in many families but don’t lead to celebrating individuals and helping them discover who they really are deep inside. When family members possess a high level of self-awareness they likely promote behaviors such as:

  • Talking openly about difficult subjects.
  • Building one’s own identify and being accepted.
  • Worrying less about rules and more about critical thinking.
  • Treating each other with kindness and empathy.
  • Consistently doing nice things for each other.
  • Understanding how to fix problems and resolve conflicts.
  • All conversation topics are valid and important.
  • Everyone is equal.
  • All emotions are welcome.
  • Positive behaviors are the norm.

There is a vast difference between the type of interactions that result from the first list and the second. The higher your level of self-awareness is, the more likely you are to move away from power and control to encouraging everyone to be his or her amazing self without restrictions or conditions. What will you do to improve your family functioning?

Take care,

Self-Awareness and Dismissing the Difficult Questions in Life

Many people who lack self-awareness make a habit of dismissing the difficult questions in life like:

  • Why am I here?
  • Who am I?
  • What do I really want to do in life?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Why do I have to die?
  • What happens when I die?
  • What brings me deeper meaning in life?
  • What issues do I need to heal to live more fully?
  • How do I find inner peace and balance?
  • What kind of a person am I?
  • How can I help resolve the formidable issues facing humanity?

When people are confronted with daunting, complex, challenging questions that make them uncomfortable, they often stick their heads in the sand. Some individuals spend their whole lives avoiding even thinking about these issues, not realizing that it’s crucial to find the answers in order to live meaningfully and happily.

The more you know yourself, the easier it is to contemplate even the most mystifying conundrums because you can draw upon a deep reservoir of inner knowledge, understanding, and insight which allows you to think creatively and expansively. What will you do to answer the difficult questions in life?

Take care


Self-Awareness and Honesty

If you’ve been building your self-awareness over time, you realize how important honesty is to becoming a well-rounded, happy, healthy human being. Personal growth means you’re committed to taking a candid, honest look at your thinking, feelings and behaviors and making positive changes. If you start from a position of trying to hide who you really are or pretending you’re someone else, you’ll likely avoid looking at the areas that could really benefit from some attention. A more effective approach is to decide to improve yourself each day so you can live an open, genuinely fulfilling life without having to cover things up.

A lot of people create unnecessary difficulties in their lives because they refuse to honestly appraise what they think, feel and do. They exist day to day compensating for or tiptoeing around issues that hold them back instead of dealing with them directly and taking action to improve the situation long-term. Self-aware individuals understand that self-examination is a vital, necessary part of personal development. As you live your life, think of the things you do well and the things that hold you back. Work hard to heal the issues in your past that prevent you from completely enjoying your life. Experience the joy that comes from letting go of the things that don’t work and become the healthiest you possible. What will you do to be honest with yourself?

Take care,