The Self-Awareness Guy

Being Open-Minded

People who possess self-awareness tend to be open-minded because they are able to examine, reflect upon, and even critique themselves. When you’re open-minded you do things like:

  • Examine yourself.
  • Welcome new points of view.
  • Change your mind.
  • See things from various perspectives.
  • Venture into the dark side as well as the light.
  • See each day as an opportunity to explore something.
  • Share your deeper self with the world.

If you’re closed-minded you do the opposite of these things and you live a very different kind of life. One of the reasons I love providing life coaching, workshops, and retreats for people who value self-awareness is that they are receptive to new and interesting ways of seeing things.

What are your thoughts on being open-minded?

Take care,

You Decide How to Live Your Life

If you possess self-awareness, you decide how to live your life, not anyone else. I wish I had known this a long time ago.

For too many years, I followed everyone else’s lead instead of my own. I would let other people tell me what I should do with my life, what kind of relationships I should have, and how I should think and behave. It made me feel horrible about myself, to the point where I was self-destructing.

People are amazingly adept at telling you, in both overt and more subtle ways, that you shouldn’t be yourself. They make suggestions and demands that keep you from being the authentic you. The key to living a great life is to increase your self-awareness so you can do your own thing and make your own choices. Move forward courageously, and positively, based on what your inner voice is telling you. Do what you love doing.

I’m so glad I figured out that I could follow my own path. What suggestions do you have for living your own life?

Take care,

How You Treat Yourself and Others

As you build your self-awareness, you’ll likely understand that how you treat yourself often predicts how you will treat others. If you feel horrible about yourself, chances are you’ll treat others the same way. There are countless cautionary examples of people who don’t feel healthy inside and the destruction they wreak on their own psyches, the people they interact with, and the world. If you feel great, then you’re bound to create good vibes in the world, which is what happy, balanced people do.

A great way to feel wonderful about yourself is to increase your self-awareness by consciously looking deep inside and deciding who the real you is. Who are you at your very core? What do you really want to do with your life? Once you answer questions like these you can start doing things to live authentically. As you become a more fulfilled and balanced person, you’ll naturally treat yourself and other people wonderfully for all the right reasons.

How do you treat yourself and others?

Take care,

Going Below the Surface

Possessing self-awareness is synonymous with going below the surface, where all the meaningful parts of life reside, although most people prefer to stay in the shallow end. There’s nothing horrible about talking about the weather, sports, or cats, but I prefer to go where other people dare not: the inner workings of the mind in all its tumultuousness, ambiguity, insecurity, and pain.

I’ve always been someone who feels things very intensely, often to the point of discomfort, so it makes sense that my self-awareness work tends to reflect deeper emotions. Many people try to ignore these feelings and uncertainties, sometimes for an entire lifetime, but I figure we’re all wired to feel and we each get to choose whether we use our natural ability to emote. So many of the problems in the world could be resolved if people were willing to work out their inner turmoil before putting it on others.

Going below the surface allows you to experience life at its fullest, warts and all, but with the idea that you’ll be stronger and more balanced when you deal with your issues. When you acknowledge and feel pain, you can then do something positive to heal it. What do you do to go below the surface?

Take care,

Parents and Fear

As you build self-awareness you’ll find it easier to leave behind some of the negative beliefs your parents may have instilled in you. Many well-meaning parents project their fears onto their children by offering “helpful” guidance and suggestions about what they should do with their lives. This leads to many kids growing up doubting themselves and following career paths that make them miserable. Parents want their children to succeed and not get hurt but these caring instincts often stifle creativity, squash dreams, and force people to live inauthentic lives.

It isn’t just parents who limit our horizons, it’s other caring people like teachers or good friends, all of whom project their own fears onto us and make us second-guess whether we can pursue our dreams. The key to living with self-awareness and enjoying a fulfilling, meaningful life is to kindly thank people for their advice and then do what you really want to do deep inside.

What do you think about parents and fear?

Take care,