The Self-Awareness Guy

Self-Awareness and the Record of Your Actions

An important part of self-awareness is understanding how your behaviors affect not only you, but others as well. As you go through life, you create a record of your actions:

  • The way you treat yourself and others.
  • Whether you live authentically or not.
  • Whether you heal your hurts or run from them.
  • Whether you follow your true path in life.
  • The beneficial vibes you spread.
  • The good deeds you do.
  • The quality of your relationships.
  • Your inner health.
  • The depth of your understanding of yourself.
  • Your level of kindness, compassion and balance.

Each one of your actions reflects who you are at that particular moment. The pattern you establish throughout your life becomes the verifiable record of whom you chose to be. It's up to you to consciously decide how you behave in life and whether you leave a positive imprint on the world around you. What will your actions say about you?