The Self-Awareness Guy

Insecurity Is a Normal Part of Self-Awareness

Insecurity is a normal part of developing self-awareness because it indicates that you understand that some area of your life that needs improvement. No one feels 100% confident all the time and everyone has doubts. The trick is to use those feelings as inspiration to keep learning and growing instead of letting them affect you and others in less that wonderful ways.

People who are always insecure lack the self-awareness to move past those feelings. The key to getting rid of insecurity is to determine what's causing it and continue taking action even when it feels difficult. As you keep doing positive things, you'll gradually feel more confident and less insecure.

Here are some signs you're moving past insecurity:

  • You feel happier and more balanced.
  • You're able to overcome obstacles.
  • You like yourself more.
  • You feel more confident but not in an arrogant or fake way.
  • You don't feel the need to compete to prove how great you are.
  • You help other people succeed.
  • You behave with kindness and empathy.