The Self-Awareness Guy

What Is Self-Awareness? The Definition of Self-Awareness

People frequently ask me, "What is self-awareness," or what the definition of self-awareness is. Here are a few important elements of self-awareness I've noticed over years of coaching and facilitating workshops:

  1. The ability to understand how your thoughts, feelings and actions affect not only you but also the people around you.
  2. The ability to heal your hurts.
  3. The ability to think, feel and behave consciously instead of unconsciously.
  4. The ability to live authentically.
  5. Understanding yourself at a deeper level rather than superficially.
  6. Forging deeper relationships.
  7. Making the world a better place for as many people as possible because you feel great about yourself.
  8. Living life as the real you.
  9. Integrating the various parts of your being.
  10. Transcending your ego.

What is self-awareness? You get to decide and you'll know you're achieving it when you experience both the struggle and the elation that comes from looking within.



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