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Personal and Professional Development Workshops

Personal and Professional Development Workshops

I’ve spent many years facilitating workshops for intelligent, well-intentioned individuals, leaders and professionals who become incredibly uncomfortable when they’re asked to take a look at themselves or consider making any changes in the way they think or do things. People are hesitant to admit that they don’t really understand what makes them do the things they do in their personal or professional lives. They hope that, if they don’t say anything, no one will notice or it will just go away. The result is that people live unconscious, superficial, inauthentic, unsatisfying lives where they don’t act like themselves and don’t get the results they want. Sounds like fun, huh?

It’s not that people want to live shallow, problem-filled lives, it’s just that they don’t know what else to do. That’s where a lovely self-awareness workshop can make a significant difference. The goal of self-awareness is to understand yourself to the point where you’re genuinely happy and stop doing the things that bring you grief. When you like who you are, you treat yourself and others well and you’re more successful at home and at work.

People spend a lot of time doing things that make them miserable when there are approaches that offer much more positive results. I help individuals and groups identify their strengths and let go of behaviors that don’t work. I invite my workshop participants to look inside themselves, figure out what makes them think and behave the way they do, and take conscious steps toward becoming the most effective people possible. The following are some examples of the self-awareness workshop topics I offer.


Personal Development Topics Include:

Discovering Who You Are – Look deep inside yourself to find out who you really are and celebrate your amazing talents and abilities. Learn about your passions and what you really enjoy doing in life.

Creating Your Ideal Life  – Close your eyes and envision what your life would look like without limits. Create a plan that will inspire you to take small steps to make your dreams come true.

How to Be Happy – Let go of the things that don’t delight you and focus on thinking and behaving in ways that bring you joy. Live from that part of you that is endlessly curious and excited.

Find Meaning in Your Life – Move from a superficial existence to living on a deeper level. Do the things that really mean something to you rather than just passing the time.

Treat Yourself Well – Learn practical skills and exercises to soothe, heal and care for yourself. Stop stressing out and focusing on things you can’t control.


Professional Development Topics Include: 

Team Building – Bring your employees together by learning how to interact on a deeper level, promote collaboration and get rid of negative behaviors. Build caring, productive and cohesive teams that function well in any situation.

Effective Communication – Encourage positive communication in your workplace by practicing skills that help you interact meaningfully and reduce noise. Communicate with less effort and fewer misunderstandings.

Inspirational Leadership – Get to know yourself more in-depth so you can lead even better. Strengthen your empathy, communication and delegating skills to become a leader who inspires rather than perspires.

Workplace Diversity – Create a workplace that welcomes and thrives on the unique talents, experiences and perspectives of your employees. Reduce conflict, strengthen trust and increase collaboration.

Employee Morale and Motivation ­– Identify the underlying issues that affect morale and motivation in your organization. Help people feel great about working with you and your organization.

Problem Solving – Develop a collaborative approach that allows people to solve their own problems. Learn how to identify what’s really going on, brainstorm ideas and develop shared solutions.

Long-Term Conflict Resolution – Reduce workplace stress by identifying the underlying causes of conflict and helping people work through it. Use conflict as an opportunity for positive change.

Healthy Customer Service – Serve your clients well in even the most difficult situations. Learn practical skills to react appropriately and work with people to arrive at positive resolutions. 

Running Effective Meetings ­– Get more done in your meetings rather than wasting time. Get rid of time wasters like interruptions, hidden agendas, egos and general confusion.

Easier Strategic Planning – Create a concise, useful framework that helps you achieve your goals and objectives in an organized and coherent manner.

Practical Values Clarification – Identify and discuss the important values that guide you and your organization. Build a culture of shared purpose. 

Mastermind Groups – Brainstorm ideas to deal with even your most difficult challenges in a safe environment that encourages exploration and sharing at a deeper level.

My self-awareness workshops are interactive and challenging. People learn a lot about themselves and others and leave behind a lot of garbage. It’s a supportive, thought-provoking process that stimulates critical thinking and self-reflection. The people who most enjoy my workshops are empathic, creative, big picture thinkers who value personal growth and aren’t afraid of change.

I look forward to helping you build your self-awareness,