The Self-Awareness Guy

What Is Self-Awareness?

Self-awareness is a state of being where you deeply understand your own thoughts, emotions and behaviors and how they affect you and the world around you. When you’re self-aware, you move beyond simply existing or reacting to your environment to deliberately living a fulfilling and meaningful life. You get to be the real you and do things that reflect who you are deep inside.

Many competent, well-meaning, intelligent people genuinely believe that something bad will happen if they think differently, change their behavior patterns, examine their feelings, listen to their inner voices or live consciously. They settle for being someone they’re not and live lives that doesn’t make them authentically happy. Thankfully, self-awareness can help anyone discover who they are and what their true path in life is.

The better you know yourself, the more able you are to consciously decide what you think, feel and do rather than leaving a trail of destruction behind you. Take some time to explore this blog and discover how self-awareness can help you grow and be happy. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments as you continue your journey.



The Self-Awareness Guy