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Self-Awareness and Fear

Many people live in fear rather than actively working on increasing their self-awareness so they can live more courageously and happily. When you know yourself deep inside you have the power to resolve the issues that scare you rather than repeating them unconsciously. Here are some of the signs of living in fear:

  • Afraid of new experiences.
  • Fear of people who are perceived as different.
  • Resistance to new ideas or change.
  • Strict adherence to routines.
  • Mistrust of anyone not in one's inner circle.
  • Constant feeling of lack of safety.
  • Uncomfortable with uncertainty.
  • Lashing out toward people and things perceived as threats.
  • Reluctance to acknowledge or heal inner hurts.

People don't do these things because they feel happy and balanced inside, they perpetuate them because they don't know what else to do. Thankfully, there are ways to alleviate fear and they all start with the person's willingness to change direction. Eliminating fear is a gradual process where the person in question deliberately decides to move in a positive direction and replace the old thoughts, feelings and actions with new ones that aren't based on anxiety or alarm. What will you do to not live in fear?



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