The Self-Awareness Guy

Self-Awareness and Ego

As you build self-awareness you realize that your ego is simply who you think you are, not who you really are. The key to living a deep, meaningful and fulfilling life is to get in touch with the authentic you by:

  • Being willing to explore yourself and define who you actually are.
  • Identifying what you do well and what areas of your life would benefit from some additional strengthening.
  • Being candid about the hurts you carry and actively working on healing them.
  • Getting rid of the negative voices in your head.
  • Interrupting the patterns that make you unhappy.
  • Letting go of the things you've made up about yourself in favor of revealing the real person inside.
  • Reaching a point where you're so healthy and balanced that you treat yourself and others wonderfully.
  • Connecting with everyone and everything else in the universe.
  • Living consciously rather than reactively.
  • Living as the real you with no filters or masks.

It takes courage, mindfulness and deliberate effort to say goodbye to your ego and live life as who you genuinely are. What will you do to increase your self-awareness and decrease the influence of your ego?