The Self-Awareness Guy

15 Signs of Self-Awareness

Here are fifteen signs that a person has self-awareness:

  • Understand themselves better.
  • Behave proactively instead of reactively.
  • Connect more meaningfully with others.
  • Feel more at ease with themselves.
  • Have worked through past hurts.
  • Behave positively.
  • Pursue their dreams.
  • Enjoy positive relationships.
  • Treat others with kindness and compassion.
  • Have less conflict in their lives.
  • Understand where they end and others begin.
  • Have healthy boundaries.
  • Do things to help others.
  • Make the world a better place.
  • Live life based on their true selves.

You'll know you're around someone with self-awareness because they are following their dreams and do things in a way that bring joy to themselves and others. What would you add to this list?