The Self-Awareness Guy

Self-Awareness and Flexibility

When you possess self-awareness you'll likely demonstrate a flexibility to adapt to different situations and change course in life when unforeseen obstacles present themselves. If you've ever interacted with someone who lacks flexibility, you know how tragically sad it is when they are unable to change no matter what the consequences or rewards.

One of the major characteristics of truly happy people is the ability to bend instead of break by being open to making changes, learning new things, and continually growing. Taking a candid look at yourself and making meaningful and sometimes difficult adjustments requires significant courage; being stubborn requires none.

The reward of being flexible is that you'll understand what it is to be able to adapt and thrive regardless of the situation. The thing I love about providing coaching for people who value self-awareness is that they are open to moving in new and exciting directions instead of staying stuck in one place.

How does flexibility affect your life?