The Self-Awareness Guy

How to Be Self-Aware

Here are some tips on how to be self-aware:

  • Understand how your emotions affect you and others.
  • Understand how your thinking affects you and others.
  • Understand how your behaviors affect you and others.
  • Do something each day to heal the hurts from your past.
  • Understand where you end and others begin.
  • Get rid of the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that affect you and others negatively.
  • Work on being the real you.
  • Work on being genuinely happy, not just pretending you are.
  • Be the most kind and compassionate person you can be.
  • Do the things you really love doing.

Having self-awareness means that you deeply know how your emotions, thoughts, and actions affect you and the people around you. When you're self-aware, you're able to manage yourself in such a way that you live a happy, fulfilling, balanced life. It's the difference between living consciously and stumbling through life reacting to everything.