The Self-Awareness Guy

10 Behaviors of Someone with Strong Self-Awareness

Here are ten behaviors of someone with strong self-awareness:

  • They do things consciously rather than just reacting to stuff.
  • They are in touch with their emotions and are comfortable feeling them.
  • They are comfortable with other people's emotions.
  • They treat other people with kindness, empathy, and compassion.
  • They actively work on healing their past hurts.
  • They understand that there are other people in the world besides them.
  • They get along with others and enjoy positive relationships.
  • They know who they really are deep inside and live life accordingly.
  • They're flexible and open to change.
  • They're always growing.

People who possess self-awareness are able to expertly manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors so they can live happy, fulfilling lives. If you are self-aware, you know yourself deeply and live based on the real you. This authentic existence allows you to move past all the petty stuff and focus on enjoying your time on this planet and encouraging others to do the same.