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Self-Awareness and Personal Development

As you develop self-awareness you'll find that it will help your personal development journey as well. The more you understand yourself and why you think, feel and do certain things, the more power you have to grow and succeed. You'll also create a greater number of opportunities to shift the direction of your life because you'll realize which areas you excel in and which might benefit from some attention.

Self-awareness is essential to developing as a person because it allows you to do things mindfully instead of settling for whatever comes your way. You don't have to stay stuck in one place your entire life, you can deliberately decide to explore a different path. What will you do to keep developing as a person?



2 thoughts on “Self-Awareness and Personal Development

  1. Brenton Gerhardy

    Hi Guy, what are your thoughts about personal development over the coming decades?

    You know, with the singularity, and some physics suggesting we’re in a simulation, etc.

    I admire Elon Musk, who’s wary of AI, wants to fix the planet, colonise Mars.

    Personally I’m into neuroscience, but again it could become our worst nightmare.

    Have you seen any of Redesign My Brain? The neuroscientist whose work helped my child with autism to speak is in some episodes. I don’t know if this will play in the US:



    Brenton Gerhardy

    1. The Self-Awareness Guy Post author

      Hi Brenton. Great to hear from you, thanks for your thoughtful question. I tend to think from a cognitive behavioral perspective, where people can consciously affect their thoughts and behaviors, in effect rewiring their brains so they don’t repeat negative patterns from the past. Thanks for sharing the information on Redesign My Brain, sounds like interesting work. Cheers, Guy.