The Self-Awareness Guy

Self-Awareness, Success, and Gratitude

Self-awareness, success, and gratitude are interconnected because you can't do everything on your own in the world, you need the help of other people. Perhaps you've met someone who insists that he (or she) is successful solely because of his own efforts, which conveniently ignores things like:

  • The countless people around him who assisted.
  • The people who made it easier to be successful.
  • The systems in place that allowed him to be successful.
  • The physical infrastructure in place that increased the likelihood of success.
  • The laws in place that allowed for success.
  • The available body of knowledge, often developed by others, so that not every step along the way would have to be invented from scratch.
  • The favorable, chance occurrences that helped along the way.

People who possess a high level of self-awareness understand that, while they play a large part in being successful in their lives, they also rely on an extensive and interdependent system to support their efforts.

The key to living a healthy, self-aware life is to realize that being successful includes being grateful for all the positive support you've received over the years from many sources and giving back precisely because it could not have happened without the many people and fortuitous conditions involved. What will you do to express your gratitude for your success?



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