The Self-Awareness Guy

The Beauty Arising from Self-Awareness

When you lack self-awareness you're more likely to live in a confusing, contradictory, uncertain world where things don't make sense and beauty is less prevalent. Countless people live this way and pretend it's normal rather than seeking a more fulfilling, balanced existence. You can choose to move toward inner and outer beauty or away from it, as in the following examples.

If you don't possess self-awareness you:

  • Lack self-knowledge.
  • Live an inauthentic life.
  • Experience a lot of cognitive dissonance.
  • Have various parts of your mind not talking to each other.
  • Live unconsciously, reacting to your environment.
  • Are not in touch with your feelings.
  • Are superficially happy.
  • Miss much of the beauty in the world around you and inside you.

If you possess a high level of self-awareness you:

  • Understand yourself in a healthy way.
  • Live life based on your innate talents, passions and interests.
  • Think and behave in consistently positive ways.
  • Have the various parts of your mind in sync.
  • Live consciously, deliberately and mindfully.
  • Are in touch with your feelings.
  • Are deeply happy due to living meaningfully.
  • Live a life of inner and outer beauty.

Each day you have the ability to choose where your thoughts and actions will take you. Beauty is all around you as well as inside you, it's up to you whether you access it. What will you do to celebrate the beauty in your life?