The Self-Awareness Guy

What’s Your Level of Self-Awareness?

It can be challenging to determine what your level of self-awareness is without having some frame of reference. Here are some brief guidelines to help you figure out where you're at:

Level 1 - You Say You Know Yourself

You say you know yourself but your description doesn't match the reality. You tend to live by reacting unconsciously to your environment.

Level 2 - You Know a Few Things about Yourself

You can recognize some of the things you think, feel and do but you have little or no control over when or how you do them.

Level 3 - You Begin Understanding Why You Do Stuff

You begin to examine and comprehend why you think, feel and behave the way you do and are able to consciously make small changes.

Level 4 - You Understand Yourself at a Deeper Level

You are able to think, feel and behave consciously rather than reactively and live a life based on being the real you.

The great thing about learning about yourself is that it helps you become stronger, healthier, and more connected to your true path in life. What will you do to keep increasing your self-awareness?