The Self-Awareness Guy

Self-Awareness and Critical Thinking

If you're actively working on increasing your self-awareness then you're familiar with critical thinking, the process by which you determine whether something is true or false. When you're able to use facts to determine whether something is valid or not, you're better equipped to deal with any situation that comes your way and live a happier life. Let's look at the difference between an individual who doesn't think critically and one who does:

Person 1

Someone says something to this person that scares her. She can't figure out what to do and doesn't know how to assess what's true or false about what she's being told. Because she doesn't understand the topic at hand, she draws conclusions based on visceral feelings, suppositions, or hunches rather than facts. Unable to ascertain what's really going on, she remains uninformed and fearful.

Person 2

This person has been told the same thing, initially feels scared, but has the presence of mind to evaluate the topic. She does some research to determine what is true or false about what she's been told based on demonstrable and verifiable facts. She is able to view the issue in context and asses its likely impact on her life. She reacts appropriately based on the information she's collected.

You'll be much more likely to live a meaningful and balanced life if you take the time to determine what's actually true or false about any given topic or situation. Some people leave things to emotion, chance, or superstition; you can choose to take a dispassionate look at the issue and deal with it based on demonstrable facts. How will you use your critical thinking skills?