The Self-Awareness Guy

Self-Awareness Helps You Love Yourself

Have you ever met people who say they love themselves but seem angry at the world or always in the middle of some kind of chaos? The general guideline for someone who loves herself is that she becomes more balanced, more accepting, kinder and more happy.

Learning how to love ourselves begins with self-awareness. Do you really love yourself? A good way of finding out is to evaluate whether you do things that help or hurt you in life. List the things that you allow to happen that are uplifting and then a list of the ones that bring you down. Do you have more things in your life that make you feel great or a larger number of disappointments? If you have a significant number of negative items on your list, don’t worry, this just an exercise to give you an idea of what to work on first. Look at your list and pick one thing from the negative side that you want to work on, the one that jumps out at you the most. Congratulate yourself because you have now started the process of working on loving yourself through building up your self-awareness.