The Self-Awareness Guy

Characteristics of a Self-Aware Person

The key to self-awareness is to understand how your thoughts, emotions and behaviors affect you and others so that you can live a deeply meaningful, fulfilling life without the junk that gets in the way of being effective, balanced or happy. Here are some of the characteristics of a self-aware person:

  • You're willing to look at yourself honestly.
  • You let go of what doesn’t work.
  • You celebrate the things you do well.
  • You understand how your behaviors affect others.
  • You work on being as healthy as possible.
  • You work on living a life of balance instead of extremes.
  • You say you’re happy only when you really are.
  • You continue taking steps to understand yourself.
  • You allow yourself to be vulnerable.
  • You keep learning about yourself.
  • You work toward achieving enlightenment.
  • You're comfortable with being touchy-feely.
  • You work on resolving the psychological issues that hold you back.
  • You feel your emotions.
  • You live your life authentically.
  • You take steps every day to make your dreams come true.

Imagine if you did things like these and how your life would be impacted. Remember that you don't have to do everything at once, pick one thing you'd like to work on and practice it until it becomes second nature, then move on to the next. Over time, you'll become a more self-aware person.