The Self-Awareness Guy

Characteristics of Someone with Self-Awareness

People frequently ask me to describe the characteristics of someone with self-awareness, here are some examples:

  • They're in touch with their emotions and are comfortable with them, even when they're unpleasant or difficult.
  • They're comfortable with other people's emotions.
  • Their thinking matches objective reality; they don't make up scenarios that aren't based on demonstrable fact.
  • They're able to manage their thinking patterns and move even their most difficult thoughts in a positive direction.
  • Their actions lead in a positive direction for them and for others.
  • They deeply understand their strengths as well as their areas for improvement.
  • They're always working on becoming the best version of themselves possible.
  • They work hard to heal their inner hurts, preferably by going to a professional therapist.
  • They're genuinely happy with who they are deep inside.
  • They follow their dreams.
  • They live as themselves.
  • They're open to new people, ideas, challenges and changes.
  • They relate well to others and build positive relationships.
  • They treat themselves and others with kindness and compassion.
  • They make the world a better place because they're so comfortable with themselves that they're able to freely help others.

Imagine your life if you possessed any number of these qualities. The wonderful thing is you can achieve them all if you choose to actively develop your self-awareness.